2020 has truly been one of the unforgettable years in the history of mankind. What started like a smoke grew into a wild fire and threw the whole world into disarray. It may not be incorrect to say that the coronavirus pandemic has been the most difficult challenge the world has had to face in this century. With industries, places of worship, markets and schools closed for many months, the global economy has truly suffered a major hit. Different families have been affected too: while some people got abrupt sack letters, some did not receive any salary at all.

Students of different institutions are not left out too. Although schools like Greater Tomorrow International College organised online classes for their students, the effects of the pandemic may linger on for a while. The onus is thus on all students to buckle down and make the life after pandemic better than the one before it. Students of this great citadel of learning should wake up to the fact that although schools have just been reopened, there is little or no time left. 

What has the pandemic taught you? Just as you must have seen, infrastructures have been built and some are still being built here in our school. This shows that the school has not remained stagnant and success has been achieved in little time. You should move with such pace too. By now, you should have been better than you have ever been. You should have let the bad habits go and become a better person. Do not make the same mistakes you made eight months ago. This is a new opportunity and another clean slate for you. Make your life after pandemic better than it has ever been.